Kaze, Kaze, Kaze

Code Geass

Somebody cue the fan. It takes a lot of energy to look this good!

What does Tyra Banks know about anime? Top Models and anime characters look fierce and sexy with a little extra wind to seal the shot.

Il Gatto Sul G.

Wind can make a character seem vulnerable and open. It evokes something melancholic in the reader.


Wind can take your breath away.

Full Metal Alchemist

Wind sets the scene.


Wind makes Ryo and Dee even sexier.

Black Butler

Wind makes one hell of a butler even more bad ass.


Wind causes your posse to bring it just a little harder.

Wind in manga and anime is a powerful tool. Wind signals epic and angst. I'm convinced that when a plot isn't going anywhere, the mangaka begins to add windier and windier scenes in an attempt to revive the story.

What windy anime will I watch next? I'm going for 07-Ghost. Why? Simple. It looks like there is a LOT of wind in this show. This means it is either REALLY GOOD or REALLY CRAPPY! Either way, I'll be a happy lady.


(I submit this post in lieu of today's challenge -- Favorite Dubbed Anime -- for I agree with M on all parts.)

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