Day 14 - Current (Or Most Recent) Anime Wallpaper: LOVELESS…a million years ago.

Yeah, I don't usually do anime wallpapers. Right now I have a photo of a graffiti poet's work as my desktop. Before that, well...some Supernatural wrongness. Before that?
A human heart.
A dead squirrel.
James Dean.
The Pentacle of Solomon.
A woodcarving of Fenrir the wolf.

But once, a long time ago, I had a Loveless wallpaper. It was Soubi and some butterflies. I don't remember who did it, where I found it, or even what it looked like.

I did once have some fairly graphic Dee and Ryo from Fake as my wallpaper. That was hot. I'd share it with you, but it's just too hot.

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