Supernatural Anime Series -- 2 days to DVD release! Squee...

In live things turned into anime news:

Supernatural The Anime

It's supposed to be darn good, my friends, at least according to folks who've had a sneak peak at the San Diego Comicon.

Man, I remember a long ago time when I used to get go to things like that, get all fanboyish in a fangirl way before geek was chic. Oh, man, I sound like an old lady, but in Geekdom, I think I might be.

In anime turned into live action news:

Avatar: The Last Airbender should have remained an anime.

Speaking of adaptations, I'm currently watching the live action adaptation of my beloved, beloved Avatar: The Last Airbender. It's very white-peopley, ugg, and the narrative is a mess.

But, if you are a fan of the animated series, you already know the live action film is a complete stinking pile of crap. :( Why am I watching it, you ask? Because it is streaming on Netflix, and I find I will watch things so much crappier than my sensibilities would normally allow because I can.

Oh, wow, exposition. Want to learn how not to write? Watch this movie!


Dr. M said...

SUPERNATURAL!!!!! (I might die of squee...IF the animation were better for Dean, and if Ackles voiced the entire series. What's he doing that's more important than making me want to be Dean? Nothing.)

Also, I cannot believe you watched the Avatar movie it is an abomination to all that is pure and lovely about the animated series. It is quite possibly one of the worst films I have ever seen, and to do that to something as wonderfully complex and intelligent as the series is a travesty. They honkified and horrified me.

William Shakespeare said...

I think the worst thing about this movie is how completely devoid of joy it is.

Dr. M said...

I agree. Roy and I had a huge discussion of the joylessness of the movie in comparision to the series. What happened to Aang's playfulness, or Sokka's awesome inventiveness (Sokkaa is my favorite)?

Does Avatar count as anime? Or is it faux-anime?

William Shakespeare said...

Well, if it has to be Japanese, then no. But I just class it as such.

Dr. M said...

I don't think anime needs to be limited to Japanese. But, I am curious as to where the line is drawn. If Avatar is anime, then is The Last Unicorn?

Manga seems to have a clearer distinction that deals with formatting and presentation. It isn't limited to country of origin in any way, and yet anime seems to be (at least in a narrow definition).

William Shakespeare said...

Um, the Last Unicorn was done by Japanese animators, so yes.

Also, it is our blog. It doesn't matter!

Anime is technically Japanese. But I don't care about technicalities.