Blue Exorcist -- Through Episode 13

That moon up there. It kind of resembles a breast.

Woohoo! Have I mentioned I like this show?

Episode 11 = Adorable sea creature adventures.
Episode 12 = Adorable amusement park adventures.
Episode 13 = Hubba, Hubba, new mentor for Rin:

I'm Shura. I have giant breasts!

Who carries a demon sword and don't wear no clothes? Shura!

Who is she? A senior exorcist who used to study with Rin's earthly daddy Shiro. She's on a mission from the Vatican, but she isn't a nun! She wields a demon sword, which she draws directly from the spot between her voluminous breasts, and she pretty much kicks ass.

Is this becoming a pervy show. Hmm? In episode 12, innocent Shiemi turns in her traditional kimono for a school girl uniform. All the guys go gaga, and a pint size ghosty gets fresh with her ample bosoms. Who knew?

I'm Shiemi. My breasts are also quite large!

Even sanctified Shiro gets to talking about tatas in a flashback scene where little Rin breaks his ribs during a tantrum. Upset he busted his father's bones, Rin stands at the curb as his dad is loaded into an ambulance. To calm his son, Shiro tells Rin he looks forward to going to the hospital so he can be surrounded by hot, big breasted nurses.

I'm Shiro Fujimoto, and I love breasts.

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