Guess Who's Back?

Yes, Dear Readers! It is I, Shakespeare!

This isn't me.

I'm back from the desert with a strong foundation and direction for the novel I'm working on. It will one day win the National Book Award or the Pulitzer Prize or something. Such delusions of grandeur! Actually, I'll be happy to finish it and start getting it out in the world.

Now, I'm back in the Bay, working two jobs, fighting for every minute of solid good creative time I can get, and feeling like I just cannot get it all done. Sigh. I'm a little tired, Dear Readers! But, I vow to keep up with Squeefinity, because it brings me happiness.

It looks like M brought you a lot of steamy boys on boys action. Nice, M.

Some Random BL Pic

And, in the coming weeks I plan on delving a little more deeply and intellectually into common themes and metaphors in anime and manga. I've been an avid fan for years, but I can't say I always understand it. Yaoi and Yuri and common genres of the medium will be a part of it, but there will be plenty of other stuff.

And, as always, reviews, reviews, reviews.

Oi. I have missed so many episodes of Blue Exorcist. What is a girl to do?

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Dr. M said...

I wouldn't call it steamy boy on boy action. Most of it was pretty tame. I do have some more updates coming soon. Glad you're back, friend.