Dragon Ball Z Kai--Anime


Here is my inital reaction to last week's attempted viewing of Dragon Ball Z Kai: Um, what the heck just happened? Does the bad man’s head suspiciously look like an angry purple scrotum with horns? Is that the good guy? Is it always this much yelling and posing? That dude is angry! Why is this animation so 1982?

I thought I should do a quick review of Dragon Ball Z Kai because I have attempted to watch a few episodes, and because Tivo believes, very strongly, that I like Dragon Ball Z Kai—Tivo is mistaken. I do not like OR understand Dragon Balls of any sort. I have tried, really, to understand it, but I always wind up staring at the screen thinking…why am I watching this?

Don't take my crummy word for it though, Dear Readers,  if you would like to watch it for yourself, you can find most of the episodes on nicktoons, here. Then please respond and explain it to me.

The many Dragon Ball series of manga, anime and (anime and live action) films are sort of overwhelming. They are loosly (LOOSELY) based on Journey to the West with the main character Goku being the equivalent, I think, of the monkey?

To be honest, I get confused and I have no idea what is going on. I do know that this is the, yes THE, highest watched anime in the history of animes ever animated. But I couldn’t tell you why. I can tell you there is a lot of yelling and “power up” scenes that could be omitted (although that would make the serires about 2/3 shorter). And I can tell you that one of the major bad guys is orange, and the other has a purple scrotum for a head. And there’s fighting. But mostly there’s spikey hair, posturing, power-ups and victory poses. Even having read Journey to the West, I have no idea what’s going on.But why should this anime, given all the lovely things anime has to offer, be granted place numero uno in popularity?

I thought, at first, that maybe it was just out of my age range (maybe it is for little kids), but despite its NickToons syndication, I don't think it is for kids. I just think it is confusing. And its association with  Journey to the West just makes it weird and disappointing. I can think of many more interesting, dynamic and comprehensible animes. I can think of  more interesting, dynamic and comprehensible animes/mangas centering on Journey to the West...most notably the series Saiyuki (anime and manga), which I plan to discuss in a later post. 

I guess, congratulations, Dragon Ball, for being the highest rated, watched, whatevered, anime ever in the history of ever? I still don't know what the heck just happened.


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Can we agree that instead of po-mo or po-co, we are post dragonball-Z?

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