Miracle Train -- Anime -- First Impressions

Riding Down the Rails On a Crazy Train

What is it with anime and trains?

You may remember my previous post on Galaxy Railways, in which I explored the terrible concept of a fighting force that protects trains as they make their way through space.

Well, who knew trains could be so popular? In Miracle Train, the physical embodiment of six Oedo Line stations help young ladies make their dreams come true on a mystery train.

First Impressions:

1) C'mon, people!
2) Male Harem...Okay.

I'm not sure I will make it through a whole episode, but I will report back if I do.

One thing this anime had me thinking about was, what if the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) stations took on a human form?

Well, here is my artist's rendition:

Hey, Pretty Lady, I'm Berkeley BART. Care to spare some coinage?

One can only hope that we will one day be treated to a Bay Area spinoff of Miracle Train!

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