Exotic and Delicous Fate--Manga

Title: Exotic and Delicious Fate
Author/Artist: Ryoku Tsunoda
Publisher: June’

Look, a trailer, who knew mangas had trailers? (I feel similarly confused about book trailers...I mean really? A trailer for a book? Jeesh!) Anyway, enjoy!

Ms. Shakespeare might like this one as it is about an overtly-affectionate and attractive, albeit, sloppy, chef who harasses the timid and uptight manager of a traditional Japanese restaurant. It’s kind of sweet and naughty. June’ publishing LOVES the love triangle. I think just about every one-shot they put out centers around a love triangle. This one is a bit less traditional than their normal fare (get it, a food word) though in that the characters seem older, more established and less clumsy/flighty than their high-school or college equivalents. I like when characters are older than 18, and one of the "interests" in this manga is well over 18 (someone has daddy issues!). As an old-ish person, it pleases me to no end when we’re considered at the last bit interesting or desirable. I happen to find myself very interesting and desirable, thank you very much!

There are a few things interesting about this manga. To start, it has a good blend of comedy and drama. The characters play off of each other quite well. If I were going to be chou-chou about this I'd say that the characters are quite like Ms. Shakespeare and I. She is the strict disciplinarian obsessed with running things efficiently, and I like to make messes (literally and metaphorically) and flirt with people (in that order). I may also be a spy for Ms. Shakespeare's evil half-brother who is intent on destroying Ms. Shakespeare and exposing her as the middle-school drop-out she is...wait, that's the manga...crap. My life is boring.

Anyway, make of this what you will: restaurant, orphaned and illicit love child, pushy employee, timid boss, daddy issues, corporate espionage, last minute dinner reservations, onigiri with ginger, cherry-blossom viewing party, scary head chef, chain-smoking, premature ejaculation, frenching in the storageroom, hand-holding squee, utilities notices, use of first names, middle-school drop-outs and lots of frottage before the big bang.

Nc-17, please!

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William Shakespeare said...

I have not read this, but I like any manga with food.