Geekend Round-up!

Alas, Dear Readers, I did not catch up on Blue Exorcist this weekend, but I did not neglect my many geekly duties (as I am afraid our wayward M has)!

Get back here and watch my exorcism antics, Ms. Shakespeare!

While our wily M is off drinking hooch and channeling fanfiction, I'm slaving away over one of the most fantastic books I've read in a while: The Passage by Justin Cronin. I'm half way through, and I guess I would call it Dystopian Vampire Apocalypse Fiction. You should read it. Seriously.

The book is epic, and well-written, which is a big complement coming from me.

Additionally, I saw the second part of the sixth addition of the Harry Potter franchise. Alas, it is over. Lone tear. The movie was passable, pretty good even, except for the directorial tendency toward slowness. Seriously, guys, you know you need to destroy the Horcrux. Why are you spending so much time staring at it before hand?

It's the diadem of Ravenclaw. Let us admire it while Voldemort's power grows.

Anyway, it was a movie. I wanted to see more of the Hogwart's defense scenes. It would have been rad to see all of the professors kicking the bad guys butts, but it is what it is. I can live with it.

And finally, news our besotted M can surely get behind. I have been watching that beloved show of hers: Supernatural.

We are the Winchesters. Everything we say or do will be the basis for steamy fanfiction.

This show is okay as well. M says there are Sam people, and there are Dean people. I guess I am not one of either of those people. Don't get me wrong, I totally like the show. I can even suspend my "consequences" problem -- these boys never seem to get in trouble for breaking every law know to God and Man. I'm just not fully invested yet.  We shall see how it pans out.

This week, I intend to catch up on my many neglected anime. I'm also looking for a new manga series to read. Suggestions welcome.


Dr. M said...

Regretfully, wayward Amanda will find it difficult to post in the coming week. Not because she is knee deep in fanfiction, but because she is knee deep in life (and an eco-crafts camp for tweens).
I am geeked that you are watching Supernatural FINALLY! I don't know that you need to suspend a lot of disbelief (I mean beyond the obvious), they clearly live in an alternate universe in which our myths are their reality.

Also, DEAN!!!! DEAN!!!!

William Shakespeare said...

I will tell my friends who I started watching this with that you are a Dean person. We were trying to decide who the Dean demographic was.

I'm not saying I'd kick either of these boys out of my bed but they are just not my preferred fair.

Dr. M said...

Dean Demographics:
People who like fast cars, free-will, sacrifice, brutal honesty, asskickery, general goofballness, guns and ammo, classic rock, the smell of leather, cheeseburgers, family, cowboys, kids, heroism, sleeping when/if one is dead, priorities.
People who do not like lies, selfishness, planning ahead, wheat germ, pop music, beating around the bush, proceedural cop dramas, emotional exposure, vulnerability, people telling them what to do, passivity, pointless politeness.

Aha, and it isn't about kicking people out of beds. Dean is everything I would like to be.