Squeefinity Stir!

Hey, people are starting to notice our little blog. Sure, half of them are here searching for pictures of Ciel Phantomhive, but some of them might stay to read our rambling reviews about crappy (and fantastic) anime and manga.

Here are some places we've been listed/shared/linked to recently:

People have been reposting/linking us from other countries and have even been tweeting/retweeting links to our posts. Cool!

We started this blog a few years ago as a way to share our love of good and bad anime and manga, and we were (maybe) a little lax for a while, but we've picked up the pace and would like to keep going.  We've got plenty of posts, reviews and even a few theoretical discussions slated for the coming months. If any of you dear readers would like to make a suggestion for a review or discussion, or reading/viewing recommendations please comment and let us know. I think I can speak for Ms. Shakespeare when I say we are both excited that people are interested in anime and manga, and that we love that people are coming by to read our comments on new and existant titles in the genres.

I'm super geeked about the whole thing. How geeked?

Ryo is surprised and slightly embarassed. Awww...Ryo!

That's a pretty good illustration of it.
Ryo is sooooo cute!

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