It Stands the Test of Time -- Mysterious Cities of Gold Revisited

Yesterday, I was just plain anxious. Sometimes it's hard to be an adult, thinking about Monday being just a day away and all that stupid unfinished business you didn't get to over the weekend.

Why didn't I work on my novel? How much freelance work do I need to do to buy a new mattress? How am I ever going to pay off these damn student loans? Does my desire for matching throw pillows indicate a deep attachment to the bourgeois ideals I claim to reject? I mean any pillow should do...

First world problems. I'm lucky to have them, right? Still, they can pose some existential angst in one Ms. William Shakespeare at times, especially when she knows there is something beyond them, something amazing to behold; she can feel it.

After a day of struggling against this angstiness and not succeeding, I decided the best solution was to draw the curtains (which I can proudly say I made by hand. Take that Capitalist Oppressors!), turn off the lights, hide under a blanket and watch Mysterious Cities of Gold.

And I'm glad I did. I first watched this anime when I was very young, so young I can't remember anything about it, except that it evoked a feeling, a kind of sad longing, like being on the edge of something -- probably the first time I banged my little kid head up against anything like existential angst at all.

I remember feeling it in the pit of my eight-year-old belly every time the theme song came on, and as a thirty-something woman, I felt that same kind of sad longing when I began revisiting the series today.

Some day we'll find them...the Mysterious Cities of Gold.


I wonder if the new series will be just as good?

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