Day 11 -- Favorite Mech Anime -- Voltron

I loved Voltron as a kid. The opening explains everything:

According to Wikipedia the original Voltron was a version licensed from these Japanese cartoons: Beast King GoLion and Armored Fleet Dairugger XV. The American producers didn't have any translators, so they just made up a plot and gave it all new dialogue. It was a hit.

If you think this is a cop-out post, you are right. C'mon now, I had to come up with something. I don't watch mech-anime. I like things with samurais and ninjas and warring clans and spell battles. I like things with vampires and demons.

I really, really like shows with Shinigami like  Bleach and Descendants of Darkness.

Also, I love high school melodramas/comedies.

I think the only other mech-anime besides Voltron I have ever watched was The Big O with its crazy Christian symbols and plot, and I only watched that because it was on at like 3am when I used to work overnights years ago.

I'm not really even sure what qualifies as mech-anime. Maybe I've been watching it all along. I would love suggestions.

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