Too Much Anime? Stan Lee's Superhumans and Shakespeare's Ramblings

Impossible! But, lately, dear readers, all six of you :), I have been obsessed with superhumans, Shaolin and becoming a samurai. Or, maybe just words that start with the letter "S".

It's Ani-me      
Because it's Sunday, and I'm trying to recover, laying flat on my back and repeating the mantra, "I am on a lazy river with as much Pabst Blue Ribbon as I can drink," I figured why not go further off course, deviate from my prescriptive anime schedule and watch Stan Lee's Superhumans?

I'm Daniel Browning Smith. I am adorable.
I like this show. It's not annoying like many shows like this can be. Hosted by ultraflexible superhuman and super cutey Daniel Browning Smith and overseen by a personal hero of mine and possibly immortal, Stan Lee, the show seeks to find "real life superhumans" around the world.

I'm Stan Lee. Bow before me, for you are not worthy.

DBS is an entertaining host. He seems genuinely interested in the superhuman powers of others, and he approaches each first as a skeptic. What I like most about the show is that they consult scientists to study the subjects. Some of these people are pretty amazing, and it makes me wish I had a superhuman power.

What isn't lost on me is that there are NO women, none. And that's a bummer because I bet there are a ton of extraordinary ladies out there. It bums me out. Shoot, DBS could just follow around one average pregnant lady and her super-humaness would blow all of the men documented on this show right out of the water.

Okay, that is my rant. The show is great with that one flaw. Now I'm off to either write or watch Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon.

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