Day 17 - Favorite Anime Ending Theme Song: Fruitsbasket

This song is Chiisana Inori's "Small Prayer" as performed by Ritsuko Okazaki...and it is soooo sweet!

Fruitsbasket or FuRuBu is so freaking sweet. So sweet. So, so, so, sweet. And this song only makes it sweeter. There is an english dubbed version, but I do not like it at all. The original version is so perfect for this anime. I never skip over the song at the end.

Other good'uns: Ouran High School Host Club's "Shissou" (Sprint) by Alliance, and Gravitation's "Glaring Dream" by Kinya Kotani, which may have some of the cheesiest lyrics ever recorded, but who cares.

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William Shakespeare said...

This is a sweet song! And a sweet anime!