Day 15 - Post Which Anime Character You Wish You Could Be: Dean Winchester

Um, I haven’t even seen the anime version of Supernatural yet, but who cares. When I grow up,  I want to be Dean Winchester.

1. Car...omg, car!
2. Hustling pool.
3. Roads without end, amen.
4. Battling the forces of evil.
5. Generally being badass.
6. Family.
7. Dean IS awesome.

But, I guess that's sort of cheating, right? I mean, I have a sickness that makes me a fairly Dean-obsessed person. I'm getting help? (No, I'm not.)

So, I CAN pick a few alternatives, because there are plenty of other anime characters I would like to be.

1. Alucard from Hellsing. Because he's what vampires should be--danger and style and substance. No sparkles. No mopey, woe-is-me. Just a sort of monsterous joy and fascination with life. Plus he's realy a nice guy...deep down inside. Like really deep down inside. And immortality seems to suit him.

2. Revy from Black Lagoon. Yeah, her shorts are too short, she's a mercenary, and she isn't the most "honorable" person around, but she's butch as hell, and one of the most bad-ass chicks in all of anime. If I just had like 1/4 of her awesome, I would be the most bad-ass chick in town.

Most of the anime I watch is full of pretty tortured and miserable characters. I might love those characters and feel for their suffering, but I don't actually want to go through it. The above two characters are exceptions to the sort of anime-misery rule. The aren't "good guys." They aren't all sad in their skin. And, although they might be "bad," they're also pretty joyous about it. I want that kind of joy. Each has a mission, a purpose...that's enviable. They're renegades. They're, dare I say it, bad company. Hahaha! Oh, Classic Rock, you never fail to amuse me. And gun toting bad-asses, I want to be you, just a little bit.

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