Here we go again: Pain, Depression, Anime & Manga

I feel just like Ash.

Actually, it's not as bad as it sounds. My back has not been cooperating with my desire to live life to its fullest, and I've pretty much been crippled with pain the last few days (again). I'm optimistic it will heal spontaneously, and I will be back to being a secret samurai in no time flat. Failing that, I hear your spine changes in your sixties and back pain is no longer an issue. C'mon old age!

But, all this pain and pining away for  more active and fun filled days got me thinking, there is a lot of pain in anime and manga -- pained looks, battle scars, near death experiences, horrible experiments, tentacles going places they probably shouldn't, etc. -- but, I can't, offhand, think of an actual  prominent and permanently disabled character in popular works. I can think of characters with scars, painful pasts, eye patches, and empathic ability, which seems like a disability.

Not to say that these mediums have to be all inclusive, and also to say, I'm probably not as well read as I could or should be. But nothing comes to mind.

In some ways it's odd because there is the reoccurring theme of illness in anime and manga, from colds to car accidents, the creators and consumers of anime and manga love to explore how the tough get taken down and the caring show their true colors. Seriously, it's really not true love until the main character gets a fever and the aloof, unreadable love interest breaks out a cool cloth and some home made soba. I'm just saying is all.

I wouldn't mind reading a manga or watching a show with a disabled protagonist or main character. I'd love suggestions if you have them.

In the meanwhile, I'll just lay her flat on my back hoping things get better or that I transform into Kisuke Urahara and become the owner of a cane that is also a sword.


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