Day 15 - Which Anime Character You Wish You Could Be

Some sacrifices must be made. I skipped a couple days of the challenge. It's all good.'s Ah-nimeh, not

I want to be a bad ass, that's all I know. Whether it's in space or in feudal Japan or some post-modern-esque imaginary realm, I want to be a freaking bad ass. I would like to be a shingami, and I'd like to be my own free agent. I wouldn't want to be a vassal or the obliged to watch over someone else. I'd like to be able to engage in spell battles, but hand to hand is just fine.

I'm picking Spike from Cowboy Bebop. Yeah, it's been an age since I've seen the show, but I haven't forgotten what a bad ass this guy is or what a bad ass show this is.

I think it's the anime that can get people who don't like anime to actually like anime. Space bounty hunters + one Corgi = some kick ass animated jams.


Dr. M said...

I say how I wants!

William Shakespeare said...

ha ha, I'm not talking about you. I was watching this really pretentious geek video where this guy kept pronouncing it that way. Not that it's wrong or right, just that he was making a clear effort to say: Ah-ni-meh, and it was cracking me up.

Dr. M said...

You could be talking about me, though. I say it wrong. I also say nuclear wrong. I says it be hows I wants tah! NO one is the Tony Danza of my says!

I was just reading some stuff on Cowboy Bebop and how it's really sort of film noir and hard-boiled bad-ass in a lot of ways. I haven't seen it and I feel like a shmucko because I know it is a fav of yours. It's on my list.

William Shakespeare said...

Yeah, I need to rewatch it. It's been a long time. I must have seen it a million times on AS years ago -- in college, but who remembers the things they see if college? If you catch my drift.

I need to watch it again.