She is the One Called Sailor Moon -- Day 16

Um, magical girl anime? Oh boy, there are whole subgenres that just don't tickle my fancy. This is one of them. Well, that's unless you count Sailor Moon, which I have watched, duly noted, and thoroughly enjoyed.

It has been many moons, pardon the pun, since I watched this anime. In fact, I used to watch this anime before I really even liked anime. Basically, it was on early in the morning, and I watched it to keep me awake when I was doing the overnight shift in my early twenties. Wow. That was a LONG time ago.

There is a show I really enjoyed that is not quite magical girl anime, but sort of. It's called Sumomomo Momomo, World's Strongest Bride, which I watched more recently and also totally enjoyed.

Basically, it is about a girl who is a really kick ass fighter who is seeking another kick ass fighter to have children with.

Anyway, it's super cute and sometimes inappropriate.

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Dr. M said...

That sumomomo momomomomomomomomomo seems very inappropriate.