Day 31 :) What Anime Character does your Best Friend Look Like?

It's Mandie!!!

Umm, Ponyo, duh!

M is off on wedding patrol this week, and I find myself without my guiding light, and you, dear readers, find yourself without your awesome co-blogger. M is the ideas of this operation. Without her, I just write reviews and essays and pine away for the perfect manga and the perfect meal.

Hopefully M will see her duty through and keep up this blog while I am sequestered in the desert sans internet for a week looking deep into my own heart of darkness and writing the great American chic lit novel or what I like to call, the book to end all books, alternately, the book that will mean I won't have to go to a desk job anymore, fool

I believe in myself (but it's a whole lot easier when your best friend is around to believe in you, too!).

I miss you, M!!!!!!!

It's a Million Mandies

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Dr. M said...

Man. I do look like Ponyo, but I kind of wish I looked more badass. Ah, woe is me, my outer does not reflect my inner.