Day 13 - Underrated Anime: Inuyasha

Can something be both underrated and overrated? I mean, Inuyasha is pretty universally loved, but it gets a lot of flack from "real" anime fans who see us Inuyasha lovers as some sort of less-than fan just because we happen to think it's cool. (Incidentally I have also gotten flack for just liking the English Dubs...apparenty I am "missing out" on the original which is "so much better." Bleh.)

I have heard the following phrases, or some variations of them, several times in my anime-lovin life (a few times from Ms. Shakespeare perhaps...ahem, ahem..?):

"Yeah, but it's so mainstream."
So? It's mainstream because it's good. I get a little defensive of Inuyasha at times. Just because something is popular doesn't automatically make it bad. This feels like the whole "sell-out" theory of rock. BTW world, if Someone you like gets famous and other people like them now, they do not automatically become sell-outs. You should be happy that someone you like finally hit the big time, instead of throwing out scornful and nostalgic crap about how they were "so much better" before everyone started watching/listening to them.

"It's all very monster of the week."
So? There are a LOT of monsters in the feudal era (this is non-fiction, right? I mean Feudal Japan was like crawling with oni? Inuyasha is practicaly a documentary, right?). There is still an overarching plot (or five) that ties all the pieces together.

"It's for kids."
No. It is not for kids.

Inuyasha has been around for a long time, sure. And it's really popular, sure. It's also weirdly underrated as an interesting, complex and well-written (most of the time) show. Plus, they'll keep you going for a while with 167 episodes and 4 feature films. Ah, I can remember waiting for the new seasons on [AS].

I do hate the way it ended though...boooooo! BOOOO!

The manga spans 56 volumes. 56!!! I don't have the time or energy to read all of that, although I hear it is a little more violent and risque than the anime series. Plus I think it has an ending.

So, Inuyasha haters of the world. Quit underrating and under-appreciating one of my favorite series of all times.

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