Day 30 - Favorite Anime Involving Guns: Black Lagoon

Wow, Day 30 ends with a BANG! And, another couple hundred. And then some explosions. And a few trickshots.

Black Lagoon gets my vote as Favorite Anime Involving Guns. This is one hell of a shoot'em up. I'd love this if it were live action, but animated...woo wee!

The city of Roanapur is a criminal underworld, and the Black Lagoon mercenary crew is composed of the best guns for hire. The anime is part classic outlaw western, part cold war James Bond weapons cartel conspiracy, part pirate adventure, and 100% dark comedy.

The main character, Rock (with the pizza on his face in the trailer), is (of all things) the company accountant. He's just a miserable Japanese businessman, thrust into a world of insane guns-for-hire bad-assery.

It is just so much fun.

And Revy...hahahah!

Revy is the most bad-ass anime bitch ever created!

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