Not Love But Delicious Foods Make Me So Happy - Fumi Yoshinaga

Not Love But Delicious Foods Make Me So Happy by my favorite mangaka, Fumi Yoshinaga, is about a mangaka, Y-Naga, a comic incarnation of the author herself (or is she?), who loves food. A sloppy, slovenly single 30-something who can't really take care of herself, gets drunk and tends to make a fool of herself with the men folk, Y-naga loves to eat and make me laugh out loud.

The manga's stories center around real restaurants. Quasi-reviews in comic form, each chapter includes brilliant, tasty depictions of food and a generally lighthearted story.

Fumi Yoshinaga is the author of Antique Bakery, my favorite manga, and those familiar with that series know that her descriptions of food are so over the top good, that you find yourself craving a taste.

I love this manga for the same reason I loved Antique Bakery: frank depictions of thirty-somethings who have imperfect but interesting lives. F-naga might as well be me, although more awesome, single, a little immature but an adult none-the-less, in love with food and good times but going through the motions of being alive.

I like how Y-naga is drawn alternately as a be-whiskered slob while she is working and a flamboyant mismatched over the top vamp when she is out to eat. I like that she isn't perfect or a super-hero, and she doesn't have any special powers. She just likes food and makes a mess of things and her friends love her and she loves her friends.

Also, I "want to go to there" to every restaurant in this manga. Mmmmm... Is it lunchtime yet?

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