Day 10 (Am I Ahead or Behind?) Weirdest Anime Series You've Watched So Far: Code Geass

Firstly, watch this, and tell me if it is what I think it is:

Yeah, I think she's humping the table too. I hate Code Geass.

The trailer will sum it up...I guess:

So giant Blonde Brittanians conquer Japan and Lalouche (La Douche) decides to rebel in a giant mech. They are fighting against tyranny and injustice, right? So it shouldn't have table humping, or whatever this is:

Good Meow-ning...I hate Code Geass! I hate it even more because it was created in conjunction with CLAMP (who I respect and admire), and because it's won all sorts of awards...and is the (if wikipedia is to be believed) 4th best selling Anime in Japan.

But, I LIKE WEIRD! And Code Geass is so weird that it should be good. So, why does it SUCK??!! It sucks because I think it's just being weird for the sake of being weird. Things are so random in this anime. The characters say things that make no sense. They wear cat outfits for no reason. They have long discussions in the shower and then suddenly realize they're naked. There's an episode long game of catch Lalouche and kiss him, which should be funny, but is really just confusing. And there's mech. Is this a gunman anime? Is it a high-school comedy? Is it a sort of alternate reality thing? Why do they have psychic powers? Is that high-schooler a nightly news anchor? How dumb is that mask? Did he just levitate? Why are those girls in a sort of harem bathtub? Is that a fart joke? (Yes, in the middle of a serious scene a girl randomly farts.) Why is there a naked purple haired lady in a waterfall? Does he have to laugh like that? Why is he secret royalty? BLAH! Not fun weird! Just weird weird.

But, maybe I'm only assuming that it is trying to be weird for the sake of being weird...what if it isn't trying to be weird at all? My mind is blown.

Code Geass you are both the weirdest and the worst.

It sucks so bad the whole country of China banned it! (That's not why they banned it, apparently they are against table humping, naked schoolgirls and implied yaoi, but they should have banned it for sucking!)

Good Weird is this:

CRAYON SHIN-CHAN! No guts, no glory hole! Get that onigiri inside you turtlefart!


William Shakespeare said...

Hey, is this supposed to be weird or hated anime? Do you hate it because it weird?

Dr. M said...

I hate it because it is weird with no purpose.

Dr. M said...

I can see the confusion, I edited. And posted some Shin-Chan!

William Shakespeare said...

That is why I hate milk-chan: weird with no purpose