Anime Character You Feel the Most Like -- Day 5 -- Tohru Honda

Yeah, this may come as a surprise. I think M would compare me more to Ayame Sohma (also of Fruit Baskets) or Suichi Shindou (from Gravitation). I can be excitable and egotistical and annoying! However, I think I'm more like Tohru.

I'm not anime-esque, leggy and uber-thin, but I do have long dark hair :)

Being a geek, I was often the onigiri in the fruits basket:

And, I relate to Tohru's outsider-ness, even though she seems like a pretty normal girl.I'm also really, really nice like Tohru, sometimes dimwitted with niceness. I don't give up on people, and I guess some people will call it naivete. But, I know what I'm getting into.

Tohru loves all the animals of the zodiac without condition. I strive to love the people around me in the same kind of open and sweet way, even if it causes me pain. So, yeah, I think I most relate to Tohru.


Dr. M said...

Aw, I like that. You are a little Shuichi, but I think of you more like (you may be surprised by this) Kantarou Ichinomiya from Tactics. He is interested in researching things, he is secretly more mature (and tactical) than he lets on, and he would be very happy lazing the day away.

Plus, you would totally capture the heart of a Oni-Eating Tengu like Haruka (who I totally considered for my "crush", but Yuki beat him out because he's just so freaking mean).

William Shakespeare said...

Oh wow, you're right, I'm a little like Kantarou! When will I get my own Oni-Eating Tengu???