Day 2 - Favorite Anime Series You've Watched So Far: Loveless

Since Loveless has been mentioned before on Squeefinity I won't do another lengthy recap. Instead I'll give you five words: oneness, betrayal, sacrifice, devotion, suffering. Yes, those will do nicely.

I picked Loveless because it is the anime that affects me the most in a lot of ways. I could have picked (much to Ms. Shakespeare's dismay I am sure) Inuyasha because I have devoted the most time to both it and the characters in it, or Gurran Lagann for being one of the most inspirational and thought provoking (yes, I know) animes I've seen, or even Ouran High School Host Club for nostalgic and squeedorable reasons, but I chose something that kills me.

There is something absolutely emotionally destructive about Loveless. There is only one season of the anime, and it veers away from the manga (which continues) at the end of the series, leaving everything open ended and raw. I am sick for a week whenever I watch it, but the pain is worth the loveliness of the story, the animation and the characterization. So, although I am putting this down as my favorite anime series I've watched so far, I don't know that it is necessariy a pleasant watching experience. Loveless is devastating. There is no "end" to the series (or the manga, which is on hiatus with no set startup date), but it doesn't stop me from appreciating the complexity of the incomplete story. And it certainly doesn't keep it from breaking my heart.


William Shakespeare said...

To be honest, this is actually my favorite anime.

Dr. M said...

It's brutal, isn't it? BRUTAL!