Amanderpanderer--Post One: Very First Anime

This is hard for a 30-something year old kiddult to remember. I have distinct memories of Voltron and G-Force and even the sweaty-faux-anime of Speed Racer. What counts? Not American animation because that's something altogether different. But is The Last Mermaid anime? There is something VERY anime about it in both its style and its adult themes that makes me want to count it. Plus, I saw it in the theater, which was cool. Because I am old.

Or should I start with the first series I followed? Hands down that's Digimon. I didn't start watching it until graduate school (yes, I's edjumacated). I still have the first three seasons on VHS. That could count, right? I do love me some complicated and lovely. Much more complicated and lovely than ANYONE ever gives it credit for. Kids don't get the nuances of that show; there's no way!

Or, SHUDDER, Excel Saga the first "real" anime I ever rented, which made my brain hurt with pain and stupidity...although now I bet I'd think it was funnier. Excel is a parody of other animes I wasn't familiar with at the time.

Or, could it be Miyazaki's Nausicca? The first feature length anime to dazzle me to no end.

Or, should I count the anime that started my sick obsession? Because Gravitation lit that spark. Oh, YUKI! Oh. Yuki.

Maybe they're each firsts? Because, in their own way, they are, and added fuel to my burgeoning interests in anime, which lead to a serious manga obsession!

And although I don't update much, rest assured, my obession is strong. I am still watching; I am still reading; I am still squee-ing.

Your turn Ms. Shakespeare...

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