Day 1, 1st Anime: Belle and Sebastien & Mysterious Cities of Gold

Not the band! Known as Jolly something in Japan...

The show is about the kid, Sebastian, his white Pyrenees Belle and the little dog, Poochie. They were on the run from the cops and Sebastian was looking for his mom. Other than that, I don't remember much, except there was also a girl named Sarah who was kind of sickly. I loved that show. I loved the way it made me feel kind of sad and melancholy even as a kid.

I also LOVED the Mysterious Cities of Gold

This show is about a kid named Esteban, who also happens to be an orphan on a journey to the new world hoping to find his dad. It's the search for Eldorado.

Apparently I really liked shows where kids were orphaned and hoped to be reunited with their parents. It should be noted both of these shows aired on Nick Jr, which also had awesome shows like Dr. Snuggles, The Adventures of the Little Prince, Inspector Gadget and more:

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Dr. M said...

There are a lot of orphans in not only Anime but American (Disney) animation as well. I am fascinated by this orphan-syndrome for a few reasons: 1) it's so pervasive, and 2) how matter-of-fact it seems in some instances. It's almost a plot necessity in some ways to get the parents out of the picture, you can't have a kid on a crazy, madcap adventure and not expect some trouble at home, a missing child report, or at the very least some displeasure. When there is a parent still alive it is almost always the dad. What does this say about moms of the world? Alas! No moms let us have any fun.