Day 3 - Your Anime Crush:

I have more manga crushes than anime crushes. I mean there is ONE episode of Fake, so I suppose I could put Dee Laytner down here and technically not be cheating. I love Dee. LOVE HIM! I won't even try to help it. I like mean boys.
So, in the spirit of liking the mean/tragic I'm going to have to go with Eri Yuki of Gravitation, who has already been mentioned by Ms. Shakespeare and I several times.

I wish the artist had added their name to this picture so I could give them credit, because when I found it I was all...BISHONEN BUDDHA! That is hot!

Eri Yuki is cruel, sarcastic, devious, talented, tragic, scarred and beautiful. He's a writer, and he's a total asshole when it comes to emotions. I appreciate this.

Some of my favorite cruel quotes (directed towards Shuichi Shindou, his "lover?") from Yuki-san (many from the manga rather than the anime):

"Moron, moron, moron!" That's pretty ubiquitous.

"You're boring when you're not acting stupid... but you're even worse when you're trying too hard. If you want to get all emotional, then go someplace else. Take some Ritalin. I don't want to hear you bitch and moan." (Track 7)

"That day I met you, out on the street... I should have just backed my car up and killed you." (Track 26)

""Now that's the self-centered drama queen I know. That self-sacrificing bullshit was as dull as dirt." -(Track 30)

Eri Yuki is a dick. A total dick. But he's funny. And he does do the right thing. And once in a while he pulls out a charming confession like this one:

"It's hard to be truthful sometimes. I respect that you [Shuichi] can always be so honest. I don't know if I can be that way, but I'll try. So... don't ever leave me again. It's inconvenient not to have a hole to fuck when I get in the mood." (Track 42)

Or this favorite of mine:
"Get over it. This is just the way I express my love." (Track 54)

He's like Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights if Wuthering Heights centered around a wannabe pop star and a romance novelist.
Color me smitten kitten.

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William Shakespeare said...

Crush thief!

Dr. M said...

I told you I'd do Dee, but there's one episode and it doesn't do him justice still...Eri is so mean. You can do him too... (hehehe, do him).