Day 4 - Anime You're Ashamed You Enjoyed: Boku No Sexual Harassment

Boku No Sexual Harassment is a story about a young businessman willing to do ANYTHING to please his sadistic and demanding boss, Mr. Honma. Among those anythings are, per the title, allowing clients to "ahem" sample his "ahem" skills (that's a nice way to put it). Oh, and there's a scene involving corn rapery. Now, before you, dear readers (of which there are like two), write me off as a complete and total pervert please understand that this anime is NOT SEXY AT ALL! I am not (well, not in this way) a total pervert. And, I am completely embarassed that I enjoyed Boku No Sexual Harassment (My Sexual Harassment). I have so much shame, that it is actually difficult to post this. So, let me redeem myself by explaining why I enjoyed it.

1. It is so exceedingly wrong that it becomes hilarious. It is shame-inducingly, side-splittingly funny. Some of the lines are so ridiculous, blatant, warped and obviously psychologically damaging to the main character that it is impossible for me to keep a straight face. The laughter is a combination of discomfort and bafflement, with a measured dose of shock and (I'll say it) amusement.

2. You can MST3K the hell out of it. So much to comment horrible!

3. I like showing this to others just to see their reaction. When the "corn scene" comes on, the look of perplexed horror on their face is priceless.

This anime is, to put it plainly, just freaking wrong. Wrong! Wrong ! Wrong! Every aspect of it is wrong, but it's also really (accidentally) funny. There is plenty of hentai in the world that jumps the line to "that's freaking gross" with wild abandon and NO humor. A few "H" or "Ecchi" anime, like Papa to Kiss skeeve me out so badly that I can't think of them without shuddering. I watched one episode of Black Bible and it gave me nightmares...I'm not kidding...NIGHTMARES!

So, yes, I feel sickened and ashamed that I laugh so uproariously at the treatment of this "innocent businessman." I am a horrible person.


William Shakespeare said...

Yes, you are horrible. I actually owned that anime for a day. I watched it and realized it was so horrible, I gave it away, maybe to you?

Dr. M said...

Yes, you gave it to me, but not until we had shown it to Mike and Roy. I have it. I have shown it to four other people. Maybe I should have saved this for "Most Epic?" Nothing says epic like cornholing!

William Shakespeare said...

Seriously, I would not do that to an innocent businessman like you.