Mr. Empty: Day 4: Manga character that you're most like

"Time is relative." - yo momma

Chad Yasutora.
I often look surprised. I occasionally look Filipino.
(not true)

I stopped reading Bleach around the time Shonen Jump stopped sending me physical magazines. But the Chad that I feel weirdly represented by is the one from the first few volumes. The first real backstory we get is Chad and Ichigo, fighting a group of thugs because Chad doesn't want to fight. He learned from an early age that he was a big guy, and he had to be careful because he could hurt people. This resonates deeply...I've been close to six feet tall since I was like fourteen, and in high school I hit another growth spurt and got even taller. I got used to being taller than anyone else, and I still get weirded out when someone is taller than I am. I should have chosen Abraham Lincoln, who actually used to make people stand back to back with him if he thought they were as tall as he was. And everyone was like what a weirdo but he was president so he could make them do anything. But Chad is a lot like Abraham Lincoln. He has a soft spot for cute things, and a big heart. There's a whole arc where he gets assaulted by a Hollow trying to protect a parakeet that houses the soul of a little boy. He gets a steel girder dropped on him and just shrugs it off. Am I saying I could do that? Possibly. No one drop steel girders on me and we'll assume it would go well. 

Headphones are really hard. :(

 Chad also ends up being wildly outclassed by EVERYONE around him when they start getting spiritual powers. Despite that, he just keeps on trucking, and taking his time, and developing his powers. He has a great work ethic. I wish I had that! I am SO lazy. I am horribly, horribly lazy. Sorry, Chad, you got me beat there.

Oh, but the other part of today, is that we get to pick what manga character we WISH we were like. Oh boy. SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM.

I definitely need someone tragique! Someone with a sad backstory, but who is also a martyr for the duration of the story as well. This is a classic shonen character. Pick any CLAMP series, I can pretty much guarantee there's a sad motherfucker missing an eye or a limb in the party.

But I also need someone who has some serious power! Now, my go-to is, has, and always will be fire. Pyromania runs in the maternal family line. I always chose Charmander, and I always used the fire ability in Bioshock. Secondary go-to? Sniping. I'm a born sniper, ask any of my friends who used to play multiplayer games with me but made me a pariah because I'm "cheap". It is from my secondary power choice that my character was chosen.

This is an alternative cover for volume 2.
The American versions don't have him on the cover, sadly.

C.T. Smith. That's right, I'm choosing a b-side character from a cancelled manga series that no one even knows the author wrote. Zombiepowder, the four-volume, unfinished series from Bleach creator Tite Kubo, is a bit of raw spot for me. The series is, simply put, amazing. I've read those four volumes more than almost any other manga. C.T. Smith is one of the side characters in the main party, who has the most infuriatingly unfulfilled backstory EVER in the history of freaking EVER. He has an amazing fight with a bad guy who has a bunch of little cohorts, and as soon as the bad guy realizes who he's fighting and prepares to say it aloud, C.T. executes him. SFSDGASGFAFG AND THEN THE SERIES JUST ENDS!!!

He's also hilarious. He wears a suit that makes him look vaguely like some sort of detective. He's also an amateur bomb-maker, but he doesn't quite have the timing down. But his real powers are his speed and accuracy. He uses a pair of handguns, with which he is crazy-precise, as in, he shoots all the bolts off a running train's wheels from several hundred yards away! and he is also fast. How fast he actually is never really gets tested in the series, but he can move fast enough to make it seem like he's teleporting. One of the main reasons I like him, despite these glowing descriptions, is that he actually isn't supernaturally powered. He doesn't shoot lasers from his tits, he doesn't poop fireballs, nothing crazy. He's just accurate and fast.

(I also just realized I've chosen two Tite Kubo characters. ^^; oh well)


o t t o said...

"Pick any CLAMP series, I can pretty much guarantee there's a sad motherfucker missing an eye or a limb in the party."

Oh my god. My sides. They hurt xDD

I do love Chad because of how down to earth he is. He understands his role, and works with it. Gotta love him~

Unknown said...

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