Manga Character You are Most Like: Kantarou Ichinomiya

Haruka and Kanterou

I'm cheating just a little here, since I am more familiar with Tactics the anime rather than Tactics the manga, but the truth remains the same. I'm probably most like Kantarou Ichinomiya the main protagonist of both. Kantarou is cute but clever. He is a person who at surface doesn't seem to have too much depth, but just below there is a ton going on.

In the story, Kantarou is both a folklorist and a "part-time" exorcist. He can see and talk to youkai, little ghosties and demons. Youkai are considered kind of pesky, but Kantarou has a way with them. As a kid, when he was ostracized by humans. The youkai were there, and when he grew up, he even lived with one, a fox demon, Yoko. She is adorable.

Yoko: Tactics
Kantarou is very smart and manipulative, but kind hearted. He frees a demon eating tengu, Haruka, and becomes his master. Adventures ensue, and later angst, which is the way of manga. The name of the manga comes from Haruka, who describes Kantaurou as a tactician for his distinct ability to get the best of the situation and plan ahead. I think this could also be said of me.

Anyway, for those who aren't familiar, it's a fun story, and perhaps a bit monster of the weekish, but that is just fine by me.

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