Dr. M: Day Six--Your favorite character

I know you're wondering, Dear Readers...who among all the characters in all of manga-land is my favorite?

I am imagining all of you as the cast of Fake.
You're welcome! 

Who is the right combination of sexy, devil-may-care, tender, dorky, devoted and borderline psychotic? Who would I be content reading about in any incarnation?


You, Dee. You, okay?
Dee Laytner is a near-thirty-something detective for the NYPD...and just happens to be madly in love with his partner Ryo McClean. The two solve crimes, and are generally pretty bad-ass. They're also working through some childhood traumas, and the fact that Dee keeps trying to get all up in Ryo's biz. 

There's that sensitivity.
Quit pushing Ryo's boundaries, Dee. 

He's the right mix of hyper-cheesy and dude-you-do-not-want-to-eff-with. I like it. I like Dee. 
I will not! I do like you. You're like my favorite character in a manga ever.
Take the compliment, you weirdo. 
Dee has a heart of gold, behind his rough exterior...sometimes. Sometimes it's the heart of a pervert...which I'm okay with too. 

Dee may have a split personality.
He vacillates from intense to goofball on a regular basis. 

He's honest to a fault, secretly considerate (he doesn't want to mess with his tough-guy cred), kind of a doofus (not the smartest tool in the shed, but definitely a tool) and he's a good guy. A real good guy. Rough around the edges, but hopelessly devoted to those he loves. 

Dee at his NYPD finest! 
He loves kids (most of them), sports and really bad clothing. (Seriously, he is a horrible dresser.) He's loud, messy, crude and AWESOME! I like him so much that sometimes I want to shake Ryo for dissing him as often as he has. 

Dee pounce with nip-slip! 
When (SPOILER) Ryo finally gives in to Dee's advances I swooned, and then I was jealous. I want a Dee. Everyone wants a Dee. And if I ruled the world, everyone would have one...except for me because I would have two, and why shouldn't I? After all, I would be busy ruling the world. I'd deserve two. 

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