Dr. M: Day 13--The most epic scene ever

What makes a scene EPIC!!!!!!!?

Is it laser fights? Explosions? Emotional intensity? A whole bunch of random wind? An apocalypse? Or two? Is it a sudden realization? 

Technically "Epic" refers to something beyond the normal scope and size. It refers back to Epic story is one that follows, usually, the traditional monomyth story arc (aka "the hero's journey") so we need something TRULY epic here...there are a lot of Epics in manga. 
Certainly FullMetal Alchemist is epic, as is Gurran Lagaan and countless other hero and redemption stories. I'm pretty sure this prompt is looking for "epic" in a more common-use sense, like "Those Doritos are Epic." No, they're the way..."epic" is a highly overused word. Ridiculously overused. And because I'm grumpy, lit-brained me, I'm not going to pick a random scene with high intensity and call it "epic." I'm looking for something a little more, well, EPIC! 

So, I'm going with a manga that's based on Alexandre Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo (yes, like the sandwich). 

Gankutsuou written and illustrated by Mahiro Maeda is based loosely on Count of Monte Cristo, with the basic story-line and character names, with some otherworldlyness thrown in for complication (as if the original story isn't complicated enough). At its heart both stories are vengeance tales, that best illustrate the idea that "revenge is a dish best served cold." No one survives unscathed in this story. The lead character of Edmond Dantes, once a sort of golden-boy hero, is twisted and embittered in ways that turn him into a sort of monster (albeit with a justifiable desire for vengeance). Eventually, Dantes exacts his vengeance in cruel and calculating ways. It really is a story worth reading. The most epic scene, without giving too much away, comes when Dantes confronts the man (his former best friend) who betrayed him, ruined his life and stole his fiance. 
The proverbial shit is about to hit the fan here as Dantes
"interrogates" Franz, his former friend and saboteur. 
This epic scene is the culmination of years of toil, anger, and methodical planning. It is at this point that Dantes' vengeance is truly unleashed, and the careful trap he laid is revealed. 

Then it gets pretty brutal: 
No rest for the wicked, Franz.
You made your bed, now lie in it...yeesh!
A truly "Epic" scene! Go read the original story by's a cornerstone of western literature, and it's motifs have spread worldwide. It's a good story to know, even if it does illuminate the darker parts of human nature. 

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