Dr. M: Day 19--A manga that you disliked at first but came to enjoy later on

As Day 19 of the mangathon approaches, our intrepid hero forces herself to carry out the seemingly impossible task set before complete not just this, but another 11 responses to weird prompts about manga. Her attempts at humor, lame on the best of days, falls flat as the prompt for day 19 rears it's head. What, Dear Readers, shall become of our hero?

Well, mostly I'll just try to be funny for a paragraph and then answer the question with a scan from the first volume of Makoto Tateno's Yellow which was so poorly translated that Shakespeare could not resist correcting my copy with handwritten bits of dialog taped over the incomprehensible blather that is actually printed there.

See, there's that scan I was talking about.
Thankfully, a new translation and editing crew seems to have been hired for the later volumes. Otherwise, I could not have read that. It was bad. Like bad, bad. So, I hated it, but it got better, and then I liked it. Our intrepid hero can learn to forgive...occasionally. The end.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's riveting installment, "Day 20: A manga you started out enjoying but ended up not liking as much." You may be surprised, Dear Readers, to discover it is not a yaoi manga. Hooray. I do read other things, you know?

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