Dr. M: Day Three--My Favorite Mangaka

Can I just say manga writer? I mean 私は上手に日本語を話すことはありません。(I do not speak Japanese well.)

Okay, my favorite manga writer does, in fact, not write any of my favorite manga. In fact, her manga are usually fairly mediocre at best, and kind of brutal and weird. But her freaking afterwords are just...

Eiki Eiki is brilliant. 
Eiki Eiki depicts herself as a snarky, black rabbit with alternating bouts of egotism and self-deprecation. In the afterwards she makes strange confessions, calls out her friends and fellow authors, accidentally reveals her alter egos, and expresses such bubbly glee and excitement about her stories (always troubling romances, usually yaoi or yuri) that I cannot help but fall in love with her. Look at the satisfaction evident in the singularly small phrase in "The Truth about the Masturbation Scenes" below.... "No, there has not." She centered a whole series around a sadistic rich boy who can't seem to keep his hands off his own junk. It's not good, but that sentence... "No, there has not." Seems punctuated with a mental mid-air leap and yawp to the heavens. A sort of "YEAH! I WROTE you like me now?" which I can totally support. Good for her! Three cheers for her successes! (And what a nice cover-up with those undrawn parent-faces...that is an impressive academic excuse if ever I have heard one.)

From one of the five bits of "afterwords" materials and bonuses
in the extraordinarily depressing and wholly sinister
 _The Art of Loving_ from June Manga.
Lots of manga writers are admirable in their ability to tell complex stories through storyboard, dialog and gesture, so I really can't choose just one on that count. I can't! You can't make me! I refuse, Dear Readers. So, I had to find some other means of qualification, and I wound up thinking of the writer themselves.

Lots of manga writers have fun and even poignant afterwords (or post-scripts) to their volumes, but none of them seems as happy, regretful, and frankly insane as Eiki Eiki. She is a crackpot. A lunatic. A weirdo. A black rabbit of destruction whose very friends and family are baffled by. She is...a writer. And she may not be the best, but I'd read a whole book of her afterwords and cackle in like-minded glee because I get it.

Write on, black rabbit of doom! Rejoice Prince with a thousand enemies...hahahahah!

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