Dr. M: Day 20--A manga you started out enjoying but ended up not liking as much

I love the high-school silliness of Ouran High School Host Club. It's not something I would have expected to like at first because it is very girly and usually very girly things aren't very interesting to me. I love it despite the pink floaty hearts and super-cuteyness. So, when Bisco Hatori released  Millennium Snow as a new series I was all...let's do that thing!

The cover is pretty.
And it's about vampires.
So I picked up a copy and had high hopes. The story centers on a high-school girl Chiyuki (her name translates to "1,000 snows") who has a serious heart problem, one that will cut her life significantly short. In fact, everyone is suprised that she has lived this long. On one of her good days Chiyuki accidentally meets Toya, a vampire who is anemic due to what he claims is a dislike of human blood (in reality he's just a really nice vampire). He witnesses one of Chiyuki's episodes and takes her to the hospital where he gives her some of his blood to help strengthen her. They start a tentative friendship with a whole "will-they?/won't they?" vibe.

Of course there's some drama, why wouldn't there be?

DRAMA! Werewolf/vampire drama, to be exact. 
 So, okay, it gets a little Twilight in terms of love triangles between human/werewolf/vampire, but unlike Twilight I don't feel like it's a primer for spousal abuse. (Ask me about my views of Twilight!...actually don't. Yeah. No.) The truth is, I liked the first volume quite a bit. The illustrations were nice, the characters were complex, the premise was a little contrived, but unique enough to keep me involved. And then...meh.

I don't know what went wrong. The story line might have just bored me, or the characters bored me? I don't know. I just sort of lost interest. So much so, in fact, that I donated my copies of the series to a book sale. It's not a bad series at all, it just wasn't for me. Maybe I am a little too old for teen-angst? It's a decent series, and I'm a fan of Hatori's work, but it just didn't leave me wanting more, or caring that I didn't finish it.

Title page for Part 9...the art is nice. 

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