Dr. M: Day 9--A manga you’d like to see more of


Would you please, for the love of all things manga, finish Legal Drug?

I mean, did you get bored? I've known manga series to go on hiatus, but AIEE! I have been waiting for YEARS!


Dr. M

So, here's some good news...Legal Drug has been picked up again, under the name Drug and Drop. So, I suppose I should take Saiga's advice and just stop whining and drop it.

Will do, sir. Will do!

Ironically (or something), the first words in the new series are "Always waiting for them..."
No crap! Thanks, CLAMP! I forgive you a little bit.

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o t t o said...

Legal Drug is one those manga I've been meaning to read, and never get around to actually reading. But I think I might this weekend now that you've reminded me.