Dr. M: Day 14?-- A manga that makes you cry.

Now, contrary to the popular belief of a few of my closest friends (like Shakespeare) and my immediate family members who have seen me break down on occasion, I am not a cryer. It's not that I don't have "feels" but that I don't feel comfortable expressing those "feels" in front of many people.

That said, the thing that's most likely to make me cry is something that isn't happening to me. I am an empathizer, I am like soaking in empathy all the messes me up. It might be why I'm a little closed-off in expressing my feels. The things most likely to make me cry are stories. I cry at movies on occasion. I cry at feel-good articles or tragedies. I cry at books more often than anything. I cry when the characters I love are hurt, or sad, or even elated (so happy they, and I, begin to cry). So, I certainly cry at manga. There are a few manga that make me cry, and usually it isn't so much in frustration or empathized sorrow as it is at a deep sort of loneliness or despair a character feels. Or elation.

So, in no particular order, here are some manga that have made me cry:

1. Loveless...multiple times. There's something so desperate about the characters' need for love and acceptance. Damn.
2. Gurran Lagaan...I love Simone.
3. Constellations in my Palm...such sweet heartbreak.
4. Love Song for the Miserable...just the first read, but still. It is pretty miserable.
5. La Esperanca...every freaking time. I'm a sobbing wreck.

Robert, Georges, stop making me cry please? 

So, Dear Readers, what manga has brought you to tears?

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