Dr. M: Day 17--A manga that you feel embarrassed about liking

Our Kingdom by Naduki Koujima is embarrassingly bad, and yet...I own the whole series and like it enough that I haven't gotten rid of it.

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Here is a list of why it is bad:
1. The illustrations all look the in there are two face styles, and beyond that it's just differences in hair color (and sometimes those aren't very significant.).
2. How many times can one person be kidnapped? Seriously! Someone needs to put a GPS or pet-chip in the main character because seriously. (Eventually they do sort-of do this. Good idea.)
3. Same-sex cousin incest, not that there's anything wrong with that in is fantasy, I suppose, but still.
4. Sometimes the aggressive sexual behavior gets a little too aggressive. No, does actually mean no.
5. EVERYONE is madly in love with the main character. He's like catnip or catnip! And yet, I see absolutely nothing attractive or compelling in him. He's cute, I guess. But he's kind of dumb.
7. This is supposed to be a _Prince and the Pauper_ inspired story, but I don't see it.
8. The other major character is a snotty, elitist jerk.
10. Frequent sexual harassment of a confused body-guard in every other scene. Not cool.
11. Apparently they live in a world devoid of women. As in, there are three women in this book and none of them are characters with more than two scenes. Yes, I get that this is yaoi, but women exist. That's just a fact.
12. Allow me to use #12 to reiterate how stupid the main character is. He may be the most gullible character I have ever seen. And that is saying a lot, because there are a ton of gullible characters in manga.

Why I still like it, despite the embarrassment of liking a series this bad:
1. It has its cute moments.
2. I like that poor harassed body-guard. He's the most sympathetic character of the bunch.
3. I have no idea. That's it. I have no idea. It's really dumb.

I think I'll go re-read it.

If you go to read it...the early volumes are pretty tame, but the later ones get a little, um...surprise bumfinger? Yeah.

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