Dr. M: Day 18--Favorite BL/yuri couple

Well, we all know I have a love of the yaoi. I guess that's out in the open, right, Dear Readers?

And, since I've already been posting things about my love of certain characters who are in m/m relationships...certain awesome characters who are cops and doofuses...I have to say that Dee and Ryo from Fake are my favorite couple in all of yaoi. Of course, part of this "favoriting" is that Dee is my favorite character in all of mangadom, but there are other reasons I love this couple.

They are older (so I don't get skeeved out by teen-aged amorous interests...bleh), they are both tough (a good yaoi character is not a girly-girl in a guy's body, manga writers out there, they are dudes), and their sexual tension goes on for seven volumes (three years in the storyline, if my math is right).

Ryo in atypical mode showing affection for Dee.
Dee and Ryo, you are my favorites. Now go make out (so I can make a squee noise and run around the room joyously).

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