Dr. M: Day 30-- A manga that isn’t licensed but SHOULD be

It's the last day of the mangathon for me, Dear Readers, and the final prompt looks hopefully toward the future, asking what I think might need licensed and translated (I'm assuming) on the quick-fast. There are a lot of manga that come out serially in magazines in Japan, and only a fraction of those is picked up by the US market. Sometimes I wonder why certain things are selected over others, but far be it from me to discourage more hentai and demand more grown up characters...that's just me looking out for me and being a little biased. I mean...boobs sell.

Not everything is going to be translated, and that's fine, but a few things strike me as worth some attention.

First, there are some series unfinished by TokyoPop after their demise--there's an audience there that's hungry for those titles, and series to complete. Viz has picked up a few of those titles, but more are available. I hate when a story I love just fades away. Those fans need to be helped first.

Second, there are things written and illustrated by Fumi Yoshinaga that have not yet be licensed in the US.
They are as follows:

Kodomo no Taion (a story about a single father and a son who is himself a father-to-be)
Garden Dreams (about two travelling Arabic musicians)
Kino Nani Tabeta? (about eating...that is not surprising...this is rumored to have been licensed recently)
From Kino Nani Tabeta? 
which translates to What did you Eat Yesterday?
Yoshinaga likes food. 

Let's make these translations happen, world!

And finally, one of the things I honestly want licensed and translated into English before I die is the Mirage of Blaze light novels. There are a few fanslations out there in the universe, but only about 10 volumes of this series have been translated at all. No, it's not manga, but whatever...I want what I want.

Somebody, anybody...MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!
Dr. M needs more of this crazy story about love and reincarnation!

Thank you, Dear Readers, for sticking through the mangathon with me. Stay tuned for more responses by Shakespeare and Mr. Empty.


SR said...

Pssst. Garden Dreams has been available from DMP for awhile now. ;)

I'm in total agreement about her other works, though. :)

Dr. M said...

How did I miss that? I will go get it noooooow!