Rage aka Reiji - Most Annoying Character


I just hate yandere characters, and Reiji is firmly in this category! Reiji is a minor character in Gravitation or Gravitation EX. She's an American girl, and Head of XMR Records, the label Bad Luck is signed to. She falls violently in love with pop singer Shuichi Shindou when he comes to America for a short time after breaking up with heart throb romance novelist Eri Yuki.

There is no way I could possibly get any more ANNOYING!

Reiji carries a bazooka or other weapon. Most Americans in this comic do. If I remember, she also has a giant flying mecha panda. But I kind of blocked it out, because I hated Reiji's whole role in the comic so much. I think, Reiji was really the embodiment of what went wrong with the comic, when it ceased being fun and just started to be annoying. Thus, she became the target of my dislike. Please do not be mad at me when I say this: Gravitation should have ended volumes before Reiji was ever committed to paper.

I mean how many times can Suichi and Eri break up and get back together? How many times does Riuichi act like an idiot savant then put on a genius performance? How many creative crises can the characters collectively have, and how many overbearing, obnoxious, gun toting Americans can show up before the whole thing just falls apart?

I wonder if Maki Murikami can even draw me with my dumb mouth shut?

Reading Reiji is kind of like having to watch this video over and over again until you barf blood out of your ears:

Also, lesson learned from working on this post. Never do a Google keyword image search of "Gravitation Panda" without your safe search filters on. Seriously, you do not want to see it. Fun Fact: Maki Murikami did her own doujinshi of Gravitation, Gravitation Remix, which is super-duper-duper-duper-smutty, and many of its pages show up under that search.

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Unknown said...

i totally agree with you, those types of characters that dont take no for an answer are surely the most annoying. he showed and said his dislike for her idk how many times and she keeps on persisting and that started to getting super annoying after a while. what gets most annoying is when they start crying and then all of a sudden its the guys fault for "being to mean" or "not accepting the innocent feelings" or what have you. the guy said no, he said no. Reiji was so annoying. Maybe if she was a little more relaxed like Ayaka was but then got the sense to actually stop cuz shes causing troubles maybe she could've been tolerable but omg. the one line that annoys me most is that fact that just cuz he saved her she believes that means he likes her. he went to save her because yuki was there, i just dont like when they have characters that keep on persisting to much its really bad.