Dr. M: Day 26--The last manga you read

I just picked up Yuri Narushima's Planet Ladder. 

Here's the synopsis from DMG: "I see the tarot cards in my dreams. I turn them over in hopes of finding all the answers — Who am I? Where do I come from? Why are these people after me? But when I turn over the last card, it is always blank. My name is Kaguya. I thought I was an ordinary high-school girl. That is, until a crazy warrior appeared in my bedroom one night and transported me to another planet where people call me princess. Now, the questions in my dream are more urgent than ever. Will I ever get home again...or is this my home?" 

I am only about 70 pages in, but so far there are weird doll-like orphans with blue eyes, tarot cards, dudes with gold hands, something about a whip, a grumpy older brother, a crazy mom, some sort of scandal with the Ministry of Finance and ancient wars being settled on the earthly plain. And there are two more volumes.

When I am done I will conduct a full review. As of right now I'm sort of "meh," but it does have potential.

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