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Dumb Bishounen Fun
OMG, Ya'll! I just love Kyo Kara Maoh! Even I admit that it is a little weird that I really love a silly male harem story about a boy who gets flushed down a toilet by bullies into a fantasy world where he is the king of the demons and has crazy super powers.

Or maybe it is not weird at all.

This manga and its accompanying anime utilize pretty much every male harem stereotype and theme in service to an adorable, fluffy tale with likable characters and adventures. This manga is chock full of dumb things and unnecessary semi-nude scenes that just kind of happen but are completely innocent, and I love it.

What's happening here? Oh, you know, just some friends chilling at the hot springs.
There is an admirable story line about homogeneity vs difference. You know, humans and demons, can they ever get along? Why are people so mean to people who are different? So, I guess some weighty topics like xenophobia and genocide are covered. But hey, who cares about that serious stuff because seriously, this comic has Bee Bears!!!! Those are bears that are also bees!

Oh, what are those? Bee Bears!
Bee Bears too light and fluffy? How about some angst?

Something sad is happening here.

There is plenty to go around. Demons live a long time, so they have all sorts of drama. Lifetimes. It's good stuff.

Anyway, the manga was licensed by TokyoPop, then TokyPop went under, and the manga did too. Oh, well. I don't know if it will get published in the future because it really is a lowest common denominator story, which can fair well or poorly depending on the times.

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