Dr. M: Day 29--A manga you read that was just plain weird

Aren't all manga weird?

How about Bobobo-bo Bo bobo? 

Yes, let's interrupt your victory speech/gloating scene
with a paranoid pickle. Whynot?

Now weird can be good, but it isn't always, sometimes it's just weird. This is just weird.

Sure, that's a plot...fine. 
Bobobo-bo Bo bobo makes my head hurt.

This is actually Bobobo...our hero!
This manga is full of mayonnaise wars and afros full of small creatures on protest.
Oh, and he battles with his nose hairs. 
And it's also an anime...lucky us.

I need a nap after watching this sort of thing. Or seizure medication. Or a lobotomy.

Congrats, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo you are weird. Bad weird.

Give me some good weird in the comments mangaphiles!

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