Dr. M: Day 23--Best manga villain

My favorite manga villain shares something with my favorite anime villain. Mostly, they share the fact that they are the same person. 

Dr. Muraki Kazutaka from Descendants of Darkness is just ick-worthy evil. He is chaos in a trench-coat, with a sort of reptilian sexuality, flair for the over-dramatic, and an ego bigger than any other manga villain (including Light from DeathNote, whose god-complex is pretty horrific). 

His torment of the main character Tsuzuki and his partner (literally, this isn't yaoi) and fellow Guardian of Death Hisoka is deliciously evil and predatory. 

One casual, "Do you remember our sensuous night beneath the cherry trees?" from Muraki is enough to make my skin crawl. He is horrible, and because he is so horrible, he is fascinating. 

Seriously, "Stop talking like that you perverted doctor?"

Congratulations to Dr. Muraki for being a total creeper, a superb agent of chaos and disarray, and my pick for Best Manga Villain. 

Apparently someone plays as Dr. Muraki in something called Gaia Online.
I don't know what that is, because I am old and lame, but I do know that is creepy. 


The Moon in Autumn said...

Isn't this from Descendants of Darkness (not Mirage of Blaze)? I agree with you that he is super, super creepy.

Dr. M said...

WAAAH! Yes, you are so right. Changing it now. I was really, really tired when I posted...but that's no excuse.

Dr. M said...

Okay, fixed. Although I noticed I used the Japanese title Yami No Matsuei in the tags. What is wrong with me?

William Shakespeare said...

Wha! Dr. Muraki is so villainous he transcends the manga he is in.

Dr. M said...

He is a truly evil mofo. Maybe he should be in every manga, just lurking in the background waiting to say something creepy and horrible.