Mr. Empty: A Manga That You Disliked Enough To Stop Reading

Okay. There is literally only one. Innocent W.
I fucking hate you.

This is literally the worst garbage. One time, Dr. M made me read some nonsense about a guy who ate ramen and got married and it was really gay but then he went to another dimension. That wasn't good. This is actually offensively bad. This is so atrocious that I am literally offended.

The art is trash. As in, the laziest, late 80s, every single character looks exactly the freaking same and has the same hair and face. THERE IS NO DISTINCTION BETWEEN MALES AND FEMALES. Also, this is supposedly about witches. I don't know. The W in the title stands for witches. I'm sitting here, rubbing the skin between my eyebrows in a very tired manner because I don't even know anymore. I can't even express how useless this book is. I literally paid like maybe two dollars for it. I'm mad about that. I could have paid for two dirty hypodermic needles to jam into my tear ducts and give myself a home lobotomy, and I would literally have had more fun. Well, maybe not more fun, but I would definitely have been less unhappy.

This book has violence, and if you've read my other entries, you know I love violence. I really, really do. I think it's really entertaining, even if it's not done well. But this, this is just....bleh. BLEH. I was bored and repulsed at the same time. The characters are so bland, it has all the thrill of watching someone across the dinner table cutting a head of lettuce. Yes, it gets cut, no I'm not having a damn bit of fun watching you do it.

Last but certainly not least, the witches have no power. I don't know what the hell the point is, but they couldn't even defend themselves. They're like, hotline psychic type witches. Excuse me for a minute, I need to rub that bit of skin between my eyebrows in frustration for a few more minutes.

I would not waste another bit of money on this series. In fact, if someone offered them for free, I would not take them. If anyone wants this one for whatever, you can roll some blunts with the pages. Maybe in it's second life, this can bring less misery to the world. But you'll probably get ink poisoning and rot from within when you smoke it. I feel like I need to take it to Mordor or something.

Who's up for a fun trek? We can put it on a necklace and you can carry me and later I'll get a finger bitten off and everyone at CLAMP will cheer.


lullatoned said...

Mr. Empty, would you read this manga high? Cause I'm contemplating gathering a list of atrocious manga and reading them while I'm blown. Is this one of them? And I'm completely serious.

Side note, you aren't the first person to tell me that this manga is shit. The few people I've spoken to that have read this say it's absolute rubbish.

I suppose I'll have to go see how shitty it is by reading the first chapter or something.

Mr. Empty said...

That would be a terrible waste of ganja. Unless you actually want to be confused and angry while high.

I would suggest, instead, take the two dollars, go to McDs, get the 10 McNuggest for $1.99, and then make them give you two of each kind of sauce. Wayyyy more fun.