Dr. M: Day 24--The best long manga series

How long is long? That's not a rhetorical question...I need an answer to that. I mean, if long is over 10 volumes that's one thing, but if we consider some series like Bleach (56 volumes ongoing), Inuyasha (56 volumes complete), Fullmetal Alchemist (a measly 28 volumes), or the granddaddy of all series Kochikami (183 volumes...are you kidding me?), or even Detective Conan (Case Closed) (78 volumes) and One Piece (68 volumes).

I'm going to have to go down the list of longest manga and see what I've read.  

I read about 8 volumes from the local library
and then I got really, really bored. 

Okay, at 45 volumes, Oh My Goddess seems to be the longest series I've read a good portion of, but I didn't actually like it, so...let's keep looking?

Whelp, the list I found only gives me the top 100 longest. So, I guess I'll go with...Bleach? Although I've only ever read about 5 volumes of it, so I don't really know. So, my final answer is: I have no idea!

Are there any long-running series that you'd recommend?

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