Ta-Ta Tuesday! Excel Saga--Anime

Excel Saga makes my brain hurt. I won't post it as a So-Bad Sunday! post because it is kind of clever, alibet in an annoying as hell way. So, to honor the bodacious ta-tas of this series, I submit it here.

This is Excel and those are her boobs.

Excel Saga  is a parody anime, it takes (steals) from multiple genres, it intentionally attempts to be as weird, violent, and erratic as possible. For example, in the very first episode, within the first four minutes to be exact, Excel graduates from highschool and is promptly hit by a truck. KABAM! She is resurrected for the sake of the "storyline" (they said it, not me), by The Will of the Macrocosmos. She is then recruited by Ilpalazzo, to "fix the world" starting with Tokyo,  F City; but she's so annoying he shoots her in the head. I can't blame him. The Will resurrects her again. He kills her a few more times. She is annoying. Her task, to save the world, begins with the "liquidation of manga writers and artists." Because that's what's keeping the world corrupt. Her first target...the author of the manga, Excel Saga. Why not, right?

Yeah, it just gets dumber from there. The "sometimes clever" I mentioned earlier have to do with its National Lampoon like quality of poking fun at anime and manga tropes. Of course, you have to wade through the crap to get to the good stuff, and some jokes run a little too long.

This is Excel's partner Hyatt.
She dies ALL THE TIME!
Even in the opening song.
I guess it's kind of hard to explain. Let's let the trailer do my work for me?

Yeah, I know. That didn't help either. Just enjoy the boobies, alright?

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