So-Bad Sunday! KissXSis (Anime)

Okay, first, don't click play on the video below at work, in front of grandma, or...well, don't click it until after you read the review. If you do, please be informed, Dear Reader, that I warned you. I did! It's right here, in writing...DON'T CLICK THAT PLAY BUTTON!

If you did click the play button, Dear Reader, I would like to apologize. It was gross, right? I know. And those are just the opening credits. Do you feel scandalized? I do.

Today's So-Bad Sunday offering is the ongoing anime series (what channel would air this?) called Kiss X Sis. And I'd like to begin my discussion of this series with a question posed in the first episode by the main character, Keita, who asks--"In what sort of world do people enjoy looking at their sister's panties?" Good question, Keita, you pervert!

The basic plot of this series is that graduating middle school student Keita is being wooed rather aggressively by his older twin step-sisters. They have lived together since he was three, and are as close as natural siblings, but the girls, Ako and Riko, have both (hurk) fallen in love with Keita and now want to do "stuff" with him.

I watched the first episode. In my defense, the summary of the series did not imply the absolute, pervy/grossness it should have. There was no warning that this series would have full-frontal gropage and a lot of up-skirt panty shots. Allow me to remedy the omissions from that misleading summary in my review by offering the following information: GROSS!

I nearly barfed at one point. No really, I gagged and did that little head-shaking barf face to keep it down. Yeah, they aren't related by blood, but COME ON! They ARE siblings in a contemporary setting. That's pretty frowned upon.

At this point of my anti-incest/"this anime is gross" rant Ms. Shakespeare is no doubt laughing uproariously at the hypocrisy of my railing against it. Why? Because maybe, just maybe, I have a sick fascination with the Winchester boys. To that I say...DOESN'T COUNT! And that's an argument for later! And I don't have to justify myself to you (except I probably should at some point because I just outed myself as one of those crazy wincest readers)! And lastly, James (who may be posting here if we can talk him into it), made me read it, so it isn't technically my fault! Oh, man! Seriously! It's not the same thing...I have so much shame. So much shame!

Personal Supernatural-related shame aside, this anime bothers me, and not just because it's got a weird, underage, incestuous, love-triangle plot (that should be enough, though). It bothers me because everyone (EVERYONE!) in this anime, including the parents, seems to be not only entirely (ENTIRELY!) okay with the weird, underage, incestuous, love-triangle plot, but actively encouraging it. The entire neighborhood (they all need more hobbies) is taking bets on which of the twins, Ako or Riko, will ultimately seduce poor confused Keita. The parents are all, "Oh, you girls, don't be too rough on Keita!" Blargh! Gross! Gross! Gross!

This is actually a popular anime...why? People actually LOVE this anime...why? So much of it is so wrong that I almost don't know where to start or finish. So, let me end this review as I began with poor confused Keita. At the end of the first episode (which is about as far as I was willing to watch), poor Kei-chan is confronted with dual love confessions in his middle-school classroom. He becomes angry. Okay. I get it. But, the reason he becomes angry is confusing to me. He believes that his lovely, older twin sisters are just messing with him, and that their intentions are not genuine. Oh, Keita, if that's really the thing you're concerned about, You see, I thought the problem would be something different; something more akin to "gross, my sisters keep flashing me their panties and trying to rub on my junk. I could use some serious counseling and an intervention from a trusted adult!" Oh, Dear Readers, WTF? It's not cute. It's not "romantic." It's not arousing...I hope. It is simply uncomfortable and off-putting, and painfully, unavoidably, gross.

Now, Dear Readers, click play if you must, but be ready for nudity and disturbing incestous images. Remember, I warned you.


William Shakespeare said...

I clicked play before reading the review.

WTF? Seriously? I thought it was just going to be another dumb kid's show and then all of a sudden there are these naked girls and junk rubbing.

To each their own. I, for one, will NOT be watching this :)

Dr. M said...

I warned you. It was right there in writing.


James Parker Lombard said...

Re: your hypocrisy.

I concur, Winchesters are the exception to the "oh, that's sick"/"incest is horrifying" rule. As are those albino kids in Flowers in the Attic. Everyone else ought to keep their parts away from family members of all sorts.